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wholesale camo jackets.[athletic supplies wholesale]The 13th National Committee of the National Committee held a closed meeting at 9:30 am on March 15th. The following is a text record: Wang Yang Peoples Political Consultative Conference is a special consultative institution, and it is necessary to improve the level of consultation. The Peoples Political Consultative Conference is an important channel for socialist negotiation and specializing in consultative institutions△▽◆, negotiating democratic extensive multi-level institutionalization◇○, and has opened up broad prospects for the Peoples Political Consultative Conference◆◁. In the past seventy-year CPPCC, the democratic practice of democracy, providing valuable experience for the 13th National Committee of China Community. A large number of feelings have a feelings, and the people who have the ability to give up the CPPCC and provide a good foundation for our work. The CPPC is not the power organ, the participation is not administrative, the rumor is not decision-making○▲, and the supervision is not mandatory, mainly by negotiation. This kind of effect is not deserved▷◁…, but is right■•. Y.

Original title■•□: Han Chang talks about rural resolution: We must be a real gold and silver to vote for the thirteenth National Peoples Congress, one meeting▼•■△. The news center held a press conference at 10▷▷◇□:30 am on March 7▪■, inviting Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu, Ministry of Agriculture Press spokesperson, the director of the General Office, Pan Xianzheng, who implemented the “Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategy and Upgrade” to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Economic Daily▽☆▪•, China Economic Net, Economic Daily News Client reporter■☆: The partys 19th National Congress, after implementing the revitalization of rural resolution□□, all walks of life enthusiastically, our interviews in rural areas and discovering that the farmers are also full of hot, this year ” The Government Work Report has conducted a special deployment for rural vitality, so I would like to ask the Korean minister to achieve a village revitalization? Can you give us a look at your mind?

Q: The US announced the list of recommendations for the investigation of China 301 investigations. What is Chinas comment? A▼•☆: The US Eastern Time April 3, the US Trade Representative Office announced the list of recommendations on China 301 investigations=…. Chinas Ministry of Commerce spokesperson has shown that Chinas strict position▲=●▽. I have to emphasize that the US is not responsible for the strictness of the Chinese, and there is no fact that the taxation suggestion is a typical single-sided and trade protectionism. The Chinese strongly condemned and resolutely opposed. The United States moved to the essence of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation mutual benefit and win-win, and the interests of the industry of the two countries and the interests of consumers◇▷★•, which is not conducive to the national interests of the United States, which is not conducive to Chinas national interests▷▼▽■, which is also not conducive to the global economic interests. The US practices seriously violated the basic principles and fine of W…◆.

Source◁★•: Beijing Daily Original title: The Warm Development of the Party, the Central Cada▽○▷◆, the popular discussion of the Constitution, March 11, “The Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China■◁□” vote▷▽◇-, announced. The “Characteristics of the Chinese Communist Party of Communist Party is the most essential characteristics of Chinese characteristics”, improve the system of the National President▪=, deepen the national monitoring system reform ▽▪▪..▽=•▼. Constitution Amendment caused enthusiastic response in the capital of the capital••▽, Everyone said that this revision is the general trend of the times, the need for the development of the cause★▼•, the party is in the hearts of the people…▲□, and resolutely supports support. President of China Regional Science Association, President of the First Economic and Trade University•★, said that the constitution is the fundamental law of the country, which has decisive significance for the rule of law★-=, and constantly improve the constitution with the constitutio.