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[fjackets review]Original title: Slow News Demystation Southwest Navy Aircraft Experiment Class: Prohibition of playing basketball…●○, the college entrance examination must be a lot of running every morning and evening. 1. They fly in the sea□▽. This is a group of special high school students, how do you special◇-▪▪? You see•□◇☆, they are protected, only to play badminton table tennis▽▷, not allowed to play basketball. Even in more than 5,000 students, you can recognize them at a glance. If they stand in a big playground, you will see that their standing position is different, the body pen is quite, the two eyes are facing front•■, and the hands are in the middle of the trousers, and the five fingers are close up○○■. They are really military people. •☆”Standard military▷▷□.” Some of them said. And the teachers more hope that they all have to pay, and become a Navy aviation pilot in a few years▲=, like movie “Red Sea Actio◆○◆▽.

Original title: More than children need to reduce the burden of parents, “focus on solving the extracurricular burden of primary and secondary schools” becoming one of the topics of the two conferences. From Li Keqiangs government work report, the four programs of the Education Minister responded to the -◁○”Three Polls●=”, and the “Notice on Enestalling the Extracurricular Burden of Primary and Secondary School Training Institutions” from the Si Duals of the Ministry of Education. To the number of proposals in the representative committee, there is no display of comprehensive education reform★□▼, reduce the determination and strength of students and parents◇=○○, and effectively responded to social concerns and worthy. Primary and secondary school students are wealthy and heavy, and it is the trouble of growth. The development of urban quality education resources is not unobstructed, and it is not a good new month, but its development is far from the rapid development of urbanization. In 20.

Zhongxin Net Zhaohot May 27 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 27th, the reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Biodiversity Protection Press Conference, during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, Inner Mongolia completed the forest mission 68-□.844 million mu, of which key region greening project The accumulation of 6661 million mu of afforestation◁…, 257 million volunteering trees, “ant forest” public welfare afforestation project completes more than 100,000 mu. Inner Mongolia has the largest natural forest area in my country○■•, focusing on the mountains of Daxinganling-○▪, Yanshan★•▪●, Yin Mountain and Helan Mountain▪▼, with an area of ​​about 250,000 square kilometers, and the forest accumulation is about 1.2 billion cubic meters, of which Daxinganling has the largest cold temperature in my countr★●=.