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[mass t shirt printing]Chen Xiaoguang resume Chen Xiaoguang◆▷▷, male, Han nationality▽-, born in May-★=, Jilin pear people…□○▲, NLM■□, June 1973 participated in work, Jilin University of Technology, agricultural machinery▲…, graduate, postgraduate degree■•☆, doctoral degree, professor At the 13th National Committee of China, Vice Chairman, the Intermittent Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee. 1973-1978 Jilin Province Poish County Lumu Workers 1978-1982 Jilin University of Technology Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Machinery◆○■○, Agricultural Machinery, Jilin University of Technology Department of Advanced Sciences◆▪△, Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Jilin University of Technology▪□…◆, University of Technology, 1996-19◆□◇▽.

Original title○…▪☆: The Civil Engineer Contract Code may be a “private lending•☆●▷” session☆•▪•, the representative committees discipline recorded that the current ◇▼◇”contract law” is more thin, rough, and it is necessary to develop the △◁”Civil Engineer Contract” opportunity to set up ▼△▽”Folk Borrowing” session. For a long time○▼▲…, by the factors such as social tradition☆▪-, ideological concepts◁☆◁, △☆△”folk lending◁△◆◆” has been insufficient relative to “financial loans★◇”=•, and there is a ○◁”gray zone☆△▲”. But in fact, folk borrowing has a deep social foundation and historical origin in my country. It is increasingly active with its convenience, low threshold, flexible lending, and expensive□▼◇, effectively to mitigate social financing needs◇▲•▼. With the continuous expansion of private lending and the increasingness of problems-■○, the private lending disputes have poured into the cour▲-.

Original title▽•: The members of the Leading Branch of the Rethers of Justice have agreed to support the central governments decision-making deployment on the reform of the party and national institutions on March 22, and the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, presided over the Ministers Office▷▽, and immediately convened a full system TV conference▽▽▲▼. Communicate the important speech at the 13th National Peoples Congress of the Thirteen National Peoples Congress, the spirit of the “two sessions▽☆-“, and convey the important secretary of the study and Xi Jinping in the second plenary meeting of the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session of the Party. The spirit of the speech and the “Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Deepening the Reform of the Party and the National Institutions” ●▲=•”Deepening the Party and National Institutions Reform Plan◆★”▷★, and the research deployment implements measures…◆=•. The Party Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Yuan Xihong and the leadership team members of the bears, Zhao Daquan, Liu Zhiqiang, Liu Zhenyu, Liu Wei attended the meeting. Everyone is unanimou.

Original title☆◁▼: Things to develop to this day, the responsibility is fully in the US “Peoples Daily” (July 14○☆■□, 2018) “Notice on 301 Survey” on July 10, 2018, China Ministry of Commerce 12th issue a statement-…○. For the US related to the disaggite of China and the United States, the experts did not conduct active response, experts generally believe that this is not in line with fact. All always, China attaches great importance to and takes a positive action to respond to the US concerns, and the United States is ignored to Chinas efforts, ignore the multilateral rules, and insisted on achieving unilateral trade protectionism to achieve their goals◁■, things develop to today, the responsibility is all in the US. China actively improves bilateral trade conditions○◇▷, and actively understanding the disagreement of China and the United States claims that ■●”always patient-▷” work△▷◆.