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[puerto rico apparel manufacturing]China News Shanghai May 28 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai Solar Society New Energy System Innovation Technology Special Committee was formally established. The professional organization of Chinas focusing technology innovation for new energy systems is no previous report○●△. The special committee is launched by the industry leader – Sunshine new energy◆-, will be under the guidance of the Shanghai Solar Society in the future=◁•▲, focus on the frontier technology of new energy systems, clearly develop, technical exchange and policy research, project declaration Wait for the target task, promote the new energy system technology field to form a new breakthrough. Executive Director, Dr◁○•◇. Zhang Yanhu, Vice President of Sunshine New Energy•▼, said that the report was expressed in an interview, exploring the establishment of new ener.

Original title: Luzhou released lightning yellow warning Syrong County Moni Town hail raid big eggs on April 30th at 15-☆:40, Luzhou City Meteorological Station released lightning yellow warning signal…★: Zhangzhou has a scattered return generation, and it is expected that most places in Zhangzhou 6 Lightning activities may occur within the hour▲▷•, and have a short-time strong precipitation▽●, aquatic wind and hail. According to the person in charge of the last business hotel in Monitown Town●▪=•, Syrong County, around 16◆…:30, the hail, the whole process lasted for about half an hour□▪▲, some hail and even a big egg. One of the local 80s of Homao Memories●▽◆, this is the largest hail who has seen in the year•▼★△, it can be said that it is a hundred years. Toat the structure□▽△○, the hail causes the optical heat bucket of the two solar water heaters of their own home▽□=. “my ho.

Original title: Single Xiang: The Forbidden City, the main opening of the country★●■, three years of official opening of the country: Chinas voice “News●◆▷” report•◇: Single Xiang is in an interview with China Voice report-=▼, the main Palace Museum The site selection and design of the new museum have been basically completed, and it is expected to be officially started in the year★•▲=, and it will be officially opened after three years, which will be the best blending of technology and culture◁○-▷. It is understood that the new museum has been approved in front of the north of Haidian District, Beijing, and has more than 100◇▷□,000 square meters★◆. From the “high-top” forbidden city•■, to the “explosive model” manufacturers high-rise Palace Museum in the past few years, ○▲=”Wenchuang products have more than one year sales,◁…★” the Forbidden City has been attaind attention◆▼▷=. During the Boao Forum for Asia 2018…★▽■, Yangguang reporter Han Me◇◁◁.

Cai Ying (Visual China) Overseas Network August 23, Cai Yingwen has just ended 9 days and 8 nights of visit to stand, the news of the ■•○”breaking…●▷” of the ◇▲▽☆”broken•○” in the ▷•△”broken” in the authorities of the station. On the morning of the 21st, tired Cai Yingwen claimed that =◁◇▷”Just now, we ended with Salvadors Banglo. We have mastered this information△■, it has been a period of time.” The island netizen saw blood, =◆■△”Everything is just to deceive Tickets. “According to Taiwan Jian News Network, on the same day, Cai Ying said,” In the past, we have done a lot of efforts△◁, hoping to avoid El Salvador broken, but the mainland does not have any retreat◆◁•●. “No It is unexpected that Cai Yingwen once again “洋◁•☆▷”☆●▪, claims that ◇◁…”the mainland to ruin the international order, which has caused the global situation to be highly unstable○=■”▪△…△, a?

Original title: Sourcing•▼◁○: Prevention of commercialization▪-△, adult and overrunning tendencies▪▷: Gao Jian / Beijing Daily Haikou, a minor in the Internet cafe. Peoples Daily News reported on August 25th▼◇=, the ◆☆”Regulations on the Administration of Minors” (hereinafter referred to as ▷▼○-“provisions”) came in the Chinese governments legal information network○◁•=. “Provisions” proposed to prevent minor programs from developing commercialization○=, adultization and excessive entertainment tendency. It is forbidden to introduce the video games according to the “provisions=•”▼★■★, national support, and encourage minors programs include cultivating and practicing socialist core values; promoting Chinas excellent traditional culture; guiding to establish the right world view, outlook on life○-; Physical and mental development rules and characteristics; protect mino-◇•! bulk athletic shortsasian t shirt design plain hoodies wholesale ladies jacket manufacturer,