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[sublimation t shirt wholesale]China New Network May 28, “Longgang Release△▲” WeChat public number news◇▲▪◁, May 27th, Shenzhen Longgang District has added 2 cases of new crown viruses without symptomatic infection, is carried out on close contact with concentrated medical observation The nucleic acid was found during detection. The relevant situation is as follows: Zhou, male, 52 years old△-, live in Shaping Road★▲, Anliang Community, Longgang District•□, Longgang District, is the close contact person of Yang Na to show factory asymptomatic infection•□, the same staff△▲▼=, the position is packaged. On May 27th, the sputtered new crown virus nucleic acid is positive, and the day is reviewed by the citys disease control center. Currently been transferred to the emergency hospital of Shenzhen Third Peoples Hospital•△=. Yang☆●●, male▼■▷=, 36 years old■-=, living ◆○◁.

According to Xinhua News Agency★▽, my countrys first target aircraft Tiangong No▽○△▼.1 will be burned into the atmosphere. According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office◁◁•, as of March 25☆■▼▼, Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft operated on orbit at an average height of about 216-•.2 kilometers (near location height 208●△.1 km◇★●, the distance height is 224.3 km)•▪□, the whole place is complete▽▲•▪, the structure is complete, will be re-entered The atmosphere burned. Tiangong No.1 launched on September 29, 2011△◁▼▷, and six branches with Shenzhou 8○○, No◇■. 10 spacecraft▽=, completed various established tasks, and made a significant contribution to Chinas manned spaceflight development. On March 16, 2016, Tiangong No. 1 officially terminated the data service, completed historical mission, and entered the track attenuation period. Analysis of Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center and professional institution.

Original title: Deversion of poverty (under the guidance of Chinas characteristic socialism in Xi Jinping – New Times New Meteorology), to solve the absolute poverty problem in the Chinese nation in the next three years, so that the current standard The poverty population with the people of the country enters a well-off society – a new round of leaching▼△▷-, has arrived in the second half, and it is a sprint period▷○. During the national two sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that when the Inner Mongolia delegation was considered, the key is to take off the poverty battle. The key is to lay a deep poverty-stricken area to deflect the poverty battle. The key is to overcome the poverty population. Aiming at a particular poor people to focus on the deep poverty-stricken areas●◆■▼, all localities are struggling to stroke, with very good strategies, solve the very sleepy, and resolutely lay the precision and universi.

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Sun Affairs) About 1▪•▽.34 million years ago△☆●□, the prehistoric cemetery of Jebel Sahaba, is considered to be one of the most ancient sites with the remains of human war. Springer Natural Open Academic Journal “Scientific Report▲■…○” latest published an archaeological research papers said that archaeological staff showed the researcher of the cemetery▽●, hunting fishing collectors have participated in many small-scale violence The research papers said that there is healing wound on the bones discovered by the Jet Bell Sahaba cemetery, indicating that these individuals have participated in many violent attacks and live, rather than before thinkin.

China New Network on May 27th, for the recent state of the Australian-African Africher and other people▲○▲, the relevant statement held on the stage of Taiwan■☆, at the routine press conference held by the Ministry of Defense, the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Director, National Defense News People Tan Kefei said that we hope that Australia should not go more far from the wrong road□◆, and do more about the development of two military relations between China and Australia. At the meeting◆•, there were reporters asked○•: According to reports, Australian prevention leaders recently said that there should be the possibility of conflicts in the sea sea▷★▲. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior of the Macao said that the drums have already sounded□●, and Macau must prepare for the war. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Tan Kefei responded that there is only one in the world, Taiwan is not divided into Chin.australian clothing manufacturing – white sublimation t srt.