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[unbranded clothing]Original title: Liu Qiwu New Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary: Greatly, Liu Qi Visual China Data is on March 21st, and Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee held the provinces leading cadres■▲, the deputy director of the Central Organization Qiyu Qi Yusu attended the meeting And announced the central decision: Comrade Liu Qi Ren Jiangxi Committee secretary○◆▲■, Comrade Lu Xinshuo no longer serves as a secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Standing Committee, and Member◁☆. In the history of the Historical key node of a well-off society, I took the “relay stick” of Jiangxis business development-•, and the new Liu Qi Shu Ji knows the mountain. He issued such a vow to the people of the province●★: As the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee-□▷=, In the face of the old people who have made significant contributions to the revolution and the huge sacrifice▷▽, I thought that the 26□▼▷◇,000 famous surnamed revolution under Jiutong and countless unknown, I know that I was responsible for the mountain, only the wo.

Original title▼△△: Focusing “Old Record”, 8 pictures Tell you how to listen to Prime Minister to the Peoples Gala Hall▼○☆, the year of the two sessions☆▷△□, today two will serve as a “old note” reported by the national two sessions for you how to diagram Going to the Beijing Great Hall to listen to the Prime Minister as a government work report for you this is a reporter certificate of the 13th National Peoples Congress•▷. In order to protect privacy, the key part has played mosaic. There are many kinds of recorders, which is just a common…◆. In addition, there are foreign journalists★▷==, Hong Kong and Macao reporter certificates, etc. The recorder has different types, the color is different◇●■▷, and the permissions are different. Key to see the numbers in the lower right corner. For example, this card is “3□◇”=-◆▲, which means only 3 layers of the Great Hall of the People. But numbers are •★△◇”1” or “2•▪■”, and “23◁=…▪”, etc.▪…□★, differe.

Original title: Fire accident in Hebei Tangshan=▷◇●, the fire accident, the Safety Supervision Administration requested that it is seriously pursued according to the Hebei Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau: 12:20 on March 1, Tangshan Huayu Industrial Co., Ltd. (Chemical Enterprise) Benzene When the hydrogenation workshop is maintained in the sewage tank▷◆, there is a gas-fired gas in the can to cause 4 people to die=▷, and one is injured. The fire did not cause the device explosion, and preliminary test did not cause pollution to the environment. After the accident, the company concealed the fact that the casualties were reported to three people injured. After the investigation and investigation of the Government Accident Investigation Group, the Fengnan District of Tangshan City, another 2 death personnel of the accident were discovered in the hospital★◇△, until March 2 At 19 oclock★▪△▽, 2 people died in injured, and another injured person did not live danger. After receiving the accident report•-●…, the State Administration attached great importance to the party secretar.wholesale workout ggings – high quality chinese clothg manufacturers.