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[custom logo yoga pants]As early as May 4◆-◆▷, the upstream journalist (National News Hotline○◁•: M17702387875@163●★.com) learned from the head of the propaganda department of Xianyang Municipal Party Committee in Shaanxi Province, the citys Weucheng District Peoples Court Su Jun and his wife were hurt by the next homes One of the suspects in the case of escaped, the Director of the Executive Board of the Court was still escaping 24 hours. Official notification shows that on May 3, the suspect Dong (the party members, judges of the Peoples Court of the Weicheng District Peoples Court), Wang Mou (the Dangdang Peoples Court of the Peoples Court, -◁”Dai Dong Wang House relatives)▪○●…. Because Wang Moumou★■▲, Wang Mou, who was in the Weicheng District, was resigned△◆▽…, and the two came to the victim Su Jun (Dean of the Peoples Court of the Weicheng District), located in a home, dispute, and fruit in Zhonghua Road★=◇, Xianyang City. Knife will be Su and his wi•▲•=.

Original title: Yang Zhiji◁◆★◁, member of the Party Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture=▼-▪, nominated that the director of the selection of Yang Zhizhi March 26th●▼▷, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture held a seating cadres. Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda●▽▽, Wang Yanwen, Minister of the United Front◆•○▪, attended the meeting and speaking. Tang Qun, the Ministry of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee•▼…◁, read the provincial party committee decided: Comrade Yang Zhipiji is a party secretary of the Provincial Department of Culture, nominates the selection of the Provincial Department of Culture▲☆■, and Comrade Xu Yaoxin is no longer serving the Director of the Provincial Department of Culture, Party Secretary. Xu Yaoxin presided over the meeting, Yang Zhizhi, Xu Yaoxin first made a statement. Wang Yanwen pointed out that in recent years■★, the Provincial Department of Culture adheres to the new development concept, and vigorously improve the level of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Cultural leadership and cultural soft strength are further enhanced▽•◆=. In order to promote Jiangsu culture high-quality development in the forefront Active tribu.

Original title■-•: Interpretation of the two conferences: What is the ●●…■”rural children s disease medical insurance” model of multi-cross-border cooperation: Hebei Youth Network At this year, many representatives■□▷•, members proposed, refer to the ▽▼△△”Country Childrens Medicine Medical Insurance” model, The 585 national poverty alleviation and development work, the key county of about 25 million•-●, 0-16 years old, providing major illnestric supplementary insurance. According to the National Peoples Congress, entrepreneur, National Industrial and Commerce Standing Committee▲•▷, Siyuan Engineering Director Jiang Ming◆•=, “Country Childrens Medicine Medical Insurance” model is a Chinese rural childrens disease medical insurance fund (hereinafter referred to as •…★★”major disease medical insurance” public welfare fund) through more than 5 years The data accumulation and practice inspection of 11 poverty-stricken counties, summed up the supplementary medical security model, using the △▪▪”local government + commercial insurance company + public welfare organization” three-party collaborati.

Zheng Jianbang resume Zheng Jianbang, male, Han nationality, born in January 1957=•…=, Hunan Shimen, participated in work in August 1976, member of the National University of Forestry•■●, graduated from the Department of Economics of Political Education○◆○, Northeast Normal University▼■◆, University Education. At the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference-▼, Vice Chairman of the Peoples Central Committee, the vice chairman of the Song Qingling Foundation (part-time). From 1976 to 1978, China□◆◇, China, China, China, China-▷▼, China 1987-1989 Vice Director of the Ministry of Public Propaganda, 1989-9.