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[wholesale biker clothing]China New Social Sciences May 27 (Ding Si Yan) Gansu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences team with the ▲=••”cloud” in the National Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan■★◁-, held -○◆”China-Uzbekistan Friendship Relationship Development” network video signing ceremony●•△, This is another new result in the ★◆”National Friendship Relationship of China and Silk Road” Projects along the National Association of Silk Roads in the Gansu Provincial Social Sciences. The project of the National Friendship Relationship between China and Silk Road has been launched in 2016, after five years of development, in January 2021, the first result ▽☆☆”China-Kazakhstan Friendship Relationship Development History-▽▽□” “China – Tajikistan Friendship Relationship development history “in Lanzho◁…••.

Original title: Foreign media…○…◇: Thai shipwreck accident has caused 33 people to be killed in China Citizens on July 5, on July 5, two ships contained in Phuket, Thailand, according to Phuket……□▷, Thailand The latest news of the Associated Press, as of now▪☆, the number of victims has risen to 33 people▷★-◁, and all 23 people are missing○★=○. According to early report◁-▼, local time on July 5■◁◁, at 5:45 pm, there were 127 Chinese tourists on board◆▪△…, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that 78 Chinese tourists have rescued★○, 33 people missing□▲, 16 people were killed▲◁-. “Bangkok Post” reported that there were 105 people on the ◇▲”Phoenix” of the boat◁-▪◆, including 93 passengers△▲, 12 crew and tour guides; 42 people on the other “Srinita”, of whi◇★■.

Original title▲■◇☆: July 4★◇▼•, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Hou■-●, presiding, July 6◁=, July 6▼★, the EU Diplomacy and Safety Policy Senior Representative Mo Garini will convene an Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna in Austria. French Foreign Minister Leidron◇▽, German Foreign Minister Mas, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, the UK Foreign Minister Johnson, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarov will attend the meeting. Dang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister will attend the Chinese. In the meantime, the Austrian Foreign Minister Knire, Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister will also visit Austria on July 5=▽□○. Q: You just announced the news of Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister will attend the expectant of the Iranian issue and the news that visit Austria. What is expected? A▼□: This meeting is the first foreign ministers held by Iranian comprehensio?

China News Agency…◆▽, May 26 (Reporter, Dai) reporter learned from China Agricultural Rural Ministry, in the first quarter of 2021, Chinas agricultural samples were 97.2%. A few days ago, the agricultural rural department conducted a routine monitoring of national agricultural products in the first quarter of 2021, inspected 3 of 81 varieties of 81 varieties of 81 varieties of vegetables, livestock products and aquatic products, and monitoring 109 large▪•. 635 vegetable production bases in the city, 414 vegetable transport vehicles, 255 slaughterhouses, 153 farms, 501 vehicles (a) aquatic product transport vehicle or temporary pool, 633 agricultural products wholesale (farmland) market△○•☆. Supervi!

Bright Daily Question: Prime Minister pointed out that the governments work report pointed out to eliminate the big class of urban towns▪□, the Ministry of Education also clarified this year to basically eliminate more than 66 oversized classes, 2020 demanded to eliminate the big trip…○=▷. What is the specific initiatives of Chen Ministers call to achieve this goal? Chen Baosheng: Thank you for your question neon sets clothing custom outdoor insulated jackets wholesale – whosa jeanackets ftory wholesale clothing stores atlanta red distressed jean jacket!! Big squatting problem, not a simple classroom, how many tables▽▷, how many beches-•…▽, how many personal problems are arranged•▽. The big class will bring three harm☆◆●, one is the physical and mental health of the students★□▪. Everyone can think about it, people have a lot, and the mood is definitely bad. Chen Baosheng: There is also an influence of teaching quality. Sitting in the back row is not looking at the board, cant listen to the content of the teacher. The third influence is possible to bring security issues, so the big trip must be resolutely solved•●, overcome, a.