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[bodybuilding clothing manufacturers]Original title: Beijing released air heavy pollution “orange police” Data map: Beijing heavy pollution weather China new custom reporter Cui Nan photo Xinyang newsletter (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) March 26th to 28th Beijing will start the air heavy pollution orange warning measures, which is the second air heavy pollution orange warning launched in Beijing in March this year•-. At present, at night△☆, on March 28, the diffusion conditions are gradually improved from the north, and the air quality of Beijing will gradually improve. Orange early warning measures continue to 12★•★•:00 on Wednesday, Beijing Airborne Pollution Emergency Command released air heavy pollution orange warning, orange early warning measures were implemented at 0●◁:00 to 24●-•▷:28 on March 26◆=▪. This is the second heavy pollution orange warning started in Beijing in March this year, March 12th to .

China Xinwang Haikou May 27th, electricity (Fu Yun) Hainan Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau was established on the 27th. According to the central editing approved◆◁•, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee◇○, the provincial government is approved, the Hainan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Work Office is restructured as the Hainan Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, which is the direct department of the Hainan Provincial Government, and the specifications are unified, and the leadership and management of Hainan Agricultural Rural Hall No longer retaining the Hainan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office. According to reports▼▲○, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Hainan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Work Office has promoted all provinces to complete 64.97 million settlement, all of the poverty people, all of the poverty poverty△○, 600 poor villages△▼, 5 poverty-stricken counties Target task◆◇, three consecutive years since 20.

Recently, the Internet reflects ▪□•”Shangluo Childrens vaccination problem”★▪■, our committee attaches great importance to the leaders of the Commission promptly make instructions▷-▽△. On August 5☆▼☆▷, the National Health and Health Committee sent a survey team to travel on site verification work in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. Source: The National Health and Health Committee has previously reported that the immoral vaccination in Shaanxi Shanglouo cases? Official○○◇-: On August 3, 2018, the Internet reflects that “Shangluo has discovered multiple children to vaccinate the expired vaccination”. The Shangluo Municipal Party Committee…=△, the municipal government immediately arranged the deployment to establish a joint investigation and disposal leadership group, and launched the investigation office overnight. After investigation-related vaccination vaccine, the vaccination information registration and inquiry related parties, the network reflected by the cytoprene vaccine and the A group of cytosan vaccines have been confirmed as validation. netwo•★-.