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[wholesale wool varsity jackets]Chinas new network Kunming on May 27th China seismic network officially determined, May 27th, 19:52 in Dali Prefecture◇△◇▲, Yunnan (25.74 degrees north latitude■▽, 99•△.5 degrees East), the earthquake depth of 12 km. In addition, the Yunnan Earthquake Administration said that in June, the province will build an earthquake intensity and early warning system. This 4.1-magnitude earthquake is 8 kilometers away from the Yi Autonomous County, 33 km from Dali City△=◆▲, 288 kilometers away from Kunming. According to the China Earthquake Net Speed ​​Report▪▽△•, there are 119 earthquakes in the 3-level earthquake of 200 kilometers in the surroundings. The biggest earthquake is on May 21◆▼…, 2021 in Dali Zhen Count?

Original title: The national peoples conference will be a representative channel, and the 45 people who appear in appearance said. Source: View Haikao WeChat Legal Evening News (Reporter Zhang Ying) At 8=▷…=:45 on March 20th, with the National Peoples Congress, Guangxi Baise Mayor Zhou Zhiyou has answered the reporters “poverty alleviation” The question, the “representative channel” attended the event at the end of the “Representative Channel” at the end of this. At this point, during the two sessions of the country☆◁○, the “representative channel○=◆” established in the country opened 5 times, the 45 representatives of local government officials, entrepreneurs, teachers, workers, farmers, engineers, etc=△., directly answered the society Various topics concerned•▷◁★. (View Journalists raised their hands on behalf of the channel) 45 representatives embedded on “Representative Channel” March 2◇□◇.

Original title: Tianjin Courts ten reward of Lai Lai property clues, the highest reward 1☆▷.81 million source: Tianjin Binhai New District Court WeChat Boarding Binhai New District Peoples Court Reward Enforcement Announcement (2017) Jin 0116 Executive 848 to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, strengthen Construction of credit mechanisms, is currently applying for the application for application=•, according to Article 255 of the Civil Procedure Law of the Peoples Republic of China, the Supreme Peoples Courts Regulations on Several Problems of Property Investigation of Civil Executive Properties◁◇▷, Twenty-three, 24th, “Supreme Peoples Court” Regulations on Several Issues Concerning the Implementation of the Peoples Court (Trial) Articles 64, Article 65, the court decided to release the reward implementation announcement, Relevant personnel provide the peoples courts that have not yet master★=○.

Original title: Many intelligence high officials: China is the strongest opponent I have seen in the United States! The danger of danger is reported on the 21st of the United States, the US CIA CIA CIA said: China is to replace the United States and become the strongest super big country in the world. The official also claims that China is achieving this goal through its own increasing global influence. The official is Michael Colin, deputy director of the East Asian Mission Center of the CIA CIA CIA. He said in the recent international security forum, when the ◆…•”China Rise◆□” discussion activities said that China is conducting a ▲▲★•”cold war” for the United States cheap black leggings in bulk – hot pants le dance. echt manufacturer! Collins claimed: ▷△△◇”According to Chinas own words and deeds•◇, I think they are in the definition of a cold war in the United States men custom varsity jackets△★•= wholesale crop top! This is not the cold we see in the Cold War during the Soviet Unio.

Xinhua News Agency▲●, Hong Kong, May 27th, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council, three readings through the “Perfecting Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill” in 2021. The Vice Chairman of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the first two administrative director Dong Jiahua and Liang Zhenying in Hong Kong SAR have expressed the statement that the Bill has passed, and the “one country, two systems•●○” practical rows and stable and stable and stable and stable, providing a solid legal guarantee. Tung Chee-hwa said that the Legislative Council officially passed the Bill. The Bill is the customary source, providing a solid foundation for “Patriot Governor”, in line with the will of Hong Kong★◆, is conducive to the well-being of Hong Kong people. Tung Chee-hwa said that improve the electoral system is a new beginning in Hong Kong. -●.