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[how to private label t shirts][Police notified] At 0•▷○○:30 on April 24, Qingyuan Yingde City took a fire case, causing 18 deaths to be injured. After the police, the suspect was successfully captured at 10-○■◁:50 on the same day. After the police on the site investigation and investigation, the identity information of death and injuries is all identified. Among the 18 victims, 16 were Guangdong Qingyuan Yingde City, 2 were people in Shantou and Dongguan, Guangdong; 15 male☆□▪-, 3 women. Among the five injured people, 2 injuries were heavier▲▲=, and the other three injuries were lighter; three of them□▽, 2 women. Take timely treatment•◇▷•, the vital signs are stable◁◆▲▲, and there is no danger. After the initial trial survey of the task force, the suspect Liu was alcoholic with others in the evening★-, and he hated in the heart◇-▽, and he deliberately set the fire. At present, the case survey and go○●.

Sino-Xinwang Kunming May 27th (Xie Yifang Wang Yongwen) has continued to improve in Yunnan=◇▷, and the China Railway Kunming Bureau has entered the state of flood control □◆▼■”to fight”, and ensure the safety of high-speed rail and passenger train. The Yunnan Railway is a typical southwestern mountain railway★◆☆▲, the regional climatic conditions are different, the terrain geological conditions are complex△◆△, after entering the main flood season, the mid-range floods in the middle of the Yunnan, and the middle of the Yunnan, the possibility of mountain flood geological disasters in Minnan Province Large★•…, ensuring that the safe pressure in the flood season is large•…, the difficulties are more difficult, and the situation is complicated★□•. The picture shows the railway worker to carry out a new round of flood control hazard investigation and rectification■▲. Yang Yongquan is related to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Flood Control Offi△▼▽.

We noticed that China Joint Morning Post reporter said that China has advocated the construction of human fate communies, and proposes to provide Chinese programs and Chinese wisdom to solve human problems▲◇. However□★…, there are also some comments concerned that Chinas Chinese model is to change the existing international order and rules, please ask spokespersons, do you think this is in line with the facts▪○=▷? What is your evaluation? Thank you△◁. Zhang Yifeng thank you for your question. The 19th National Congress of the Party summarizes the historic achievements of Chinas development. It is proposed that the socialism of Chinese characteristics has entered the new era. It is proposed to promote the construction of new international relations to promote the construction of human fate community•▼★. China has always won the peaceful development path, always not pursuing the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, adheres to the five principles of peaceful coexisten?