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[black leggings with pink flowers]Chengdu TV reporter◇▽-: As of 2016☆▷▷■, the special teacher of all kinds of schools at all levels of the country is 157018 people-◆, facing the problem of solving quality, and how will we solve the problem of developing the development of teachers, from which faces New era new teacher talent○★◇? Chen Baosheng☆◁: Normal education is very important. Education This industry is an industry that operates in the future. Why do you talk about it, because the talents we provide is the future talents, and cultivate talents in the future, so in essence is the future, it is uncertain, it can expect, but he is uncertain, this needs●▼□, People who produce talents in the future must be high. Chen Baosheng: From the total quantity, there must be a grand team, a team of teachers who have great revival services in the Chinese nation★○◇. Existing teachers contin!

Original title Zhou Qiang: Open dynamic transparent and convenient sun judicial mechanism basically forms 3 oclock in the afternoon of March 9th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People▽◆=, listening to the Supreme Peoples Court Zhou Zhou Zhou Qiang on the Supreme People The report of the court works, listening to the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianmings report on the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. The following is a live record: March 9th▼▷=★, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in the Beijing Great Hall of the People. Supreme Peoples Court Dean Zhou Qiang as the Supreme Peoples Court Work Report□◆. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Wei took Zhou Qiang: VII. In-depth promotion of the construction of smart courts◆☆, open dynamic transparent and convenient sun justal mechanisms basically form a significant progress in judicial publication. Adhere to the origin.

Original title-☆: State-owned Enterprise Mix Upgrade Group will meet the important breakthroughs of state-owned state-owned enterprises, this year, mixed all system reforms (hereinafter referred to as △▽=”mixing”) will usher in upgraded version=◇•…, especially in the group level. Breakthrough. The ▼▼”Economic Reference Report★…◇■” reporter learned during the two sessions, in increasing the intensity of mixing◁☆▼, while expanding the pilot●△, multiple places and enterprises proposed in the group level exploration mixing plan, China Eastern Aviation Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ••◁▪”Eva Group ▼▲☆”) Application Report on the reform of the Group Corporation level has been submitted to the Party Committee of the State Administration of State. As an important part of state-owned enterprises, employee holdings will also be further opened at the end of the year, among them, China Electronics has been approved by 2 military enterprises pilot employee shares=▲◆. Mixing is taken into a substantial pace resul. custom yoga pants gray flannel jacket.

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