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[pullover hoodie manufacturer]Original title: In the past five years, the economic and social development has achieved historical achievements on March 5, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened at the Beijing Great Hall. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lanhong Guangji Bashu Beijing March 5 Prime Minister Li Keqiang in March 5, in the first meeting of the 12th National Peoples Congress, is my country Development The process is very extraordinary for five years. In the face of extremely complex domestic and international situation•▪, the party central unity of Xi Jinping as the core is leading the people of all ethnic groups, overall the overall layout of “five integration”, coordinated the •○▲△”four comprehensive▽=□★” strategic layout, reform and opening up and The Construction of Socialist Modernization has created a new situation▽▪○★. The 19th National Congress of the Party established Xi Jinpings new era of sociali.

Original title: Sun Hao is elected by the Mayor of Harbin Municipal Peoples Government “New Evening News” WeChat Board March 28th news, 14 oclock in the Municipal Peoples Congress held a closed meeting at the Harbin International Convention Center. The conference voted to elect Sun Wei for the Mayor of the Harbin Municipal Peoples Government, and the Gold and Silver Wall is the Dean of Harbin Intermediate Peoples Court. The Executive President of the General Assembly issued the elected certificate and held a constitutional oath ceremony▽=•. Sun Hao, a resolved-▽■▼, Male, Han▲△, October 1963, Shandong Longkou, August 1985◆▷, January 1984▼○◁, January 1984○=▪, joined the Communist Party of China, Harbin Institute of Architecture Engineering, graduated from the construction of water supply and drainage◆…◆, Engineering…□▼, Engineering Ph.D.◆★, professor. 1981.09-1985.08 Harbin Institute of Architecture Engineeri.

Original title: Contaminate the weather repeated◆▽◁, can the blue sky continue? Ministry of Environmental Protection Respect League Chang Anjun (ID: Changan-J): Today, 8:45 this morning, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Central Metacity, invited deputy director of the Ministry of Environment, Huang Runqiu Waiting for 5 National Political Consultative Conference on the “Improvement of Guarantee and Improvement of Minsheng” to answer reporters. When answering Beijing and other places have repeated, whether the blue sky can continue•▼☆, Huang Runqiu said that the first phase of the first phase of the atmosphere is fully realized◇•☆, but the current atmospheric pollution governance situation is still in the weight-bearing climbing stage, the next atmospheric pollution The key to the governance is adjusted and optimized in three structures. Q▷☆☆●: Significant results in our atmospheric pollution governance last year. Recent•■▲.

Chinas new network Changchun May 28 (Reporter Lu Shengnan) “The quality of water environment in Jilin Province has achieved the best level.” Sun Tili-◇=△, director of the Ecological Environment Office of Jilin Province, said. On the same day, the ecological environment system of Jilin Province had the largest scale, the highest, and most widely launched law enforcement work training in Changchun. Data show that in 2020○-, Jilin Province focused coal…•●▽, boiler, straw incineration, river sewage▷★, hazard disposal…▽▲, monitoring and fake, etc●•. Among them, the administrative penalty case was 940☆□•●, fined 27.1 million yuan▲◁▲△. In the past year, problems such as medical waste, medical wastewater treatment treatment for key are.