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[echt sportswear]China News Hong Kong May 28 (Reporter Wang Jiacheng) On May 28 The unit floor area is about 449 square feet, which is about 10.8 million yuan (HKD=○, and the same) will give Hong Kong residents who have vaccinated new crown vaccines in the form of lottery=★. Eligible participation in the lottery, must be 18 years old, hold an effective Hong Kong permanent resident ID card▪▲▪•, and has completed the two-dose new crown vaccination in Hong Kong. In addition, all the permanent and non-permanent residents holding Hong Kong ID cards, including people holding a visa of Hong Kong, have the opportunity to win by Huang Ti-□-.

Original title: Implementing a rural resolution strategy to catch up with the Source: Learning Times Partys 19th National Congress●■, the major deployment of the countrys revitalization strategy◇▲☆, this is the new era of Chinese characteristics with Comrade Xi Jinpings core▽▼▪●, grasping my countrys society The strategic choices made by major contradictions, and provide us to provide basic follow-up of agricultural rural development in new era. We must carefully learn to implement Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the partys 19th National Spirit△○. Comprehensive Decision of General Secretary of Popping▼▽•, General Secretary of Power of Shaanxis “solid promotional modern agricultural construction”, improving the political station, deepening ideological understanding, Accelerate the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, and the gas is promoted to promote the new achievements of ○★”three rural▽◇•” work, and the new era of Shaanxi will catch up with the solid foundation. Profoundly understa.

At 11 oclock on June 3●□…■, Haidian police received a mass alarm to say that some people hurt people in the southeast of Changchun Bridge◁▼▷. The police quickly rushed to the scene to dispose, and the suspects were controlled on the spot and contacted the emergency department to send two injured women to do medical treatment•=. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Zhang Moumou (female, 31 years old……★◁, Hebei people) and injured Yang Mou (female, 24 years old★▼▼, Hebei)▽…, Wang Mou (female△=, 27 years old, Hebei people) is in Beijing Personnel, interpretation of each other▲☆. Currently, this case is working in further work. Source●▲: Haidian Public Security Bureau Responsible Editor: Huo .

China Daily Network March 25 (Reporter Tian Meng) March 24th ) Sharing the experience of Chinas reform and opening up in China in Chinas Development High-level Forum 2018. Stigletz has been recognized by Chinas success of Chinas reform and opening up in the past 40 years. Thitz believes that the key factor in Chinas success is to persist in pragmatism△□•△. He pointed out that a transformation like China is the issue that has never been solved around the world, and it cannot directly learn from the pas◁▪●.