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[wholesale leggings under 5]Original title: National Defense News Spokesman Wu Qian issued the “China Security Strategic Report” on Japanese Defense Research Reporter: Japanese Defense Research Institute recently issued the 2018 ▽•”China Security Strategic Report▪☆▲-“◆-…▽, the theme of Sino-US Relations, assessment Chinas military development…★, comment on Chinas policy proposition on the US policies and hot issues such as South China Sea. What do you have to comment on this▲▲▼? Wu Qian: China has always won the road of peace☆☆□•, and pursues mutual benefit and win-win, which is always the construction of world peace, the contributor of global development, and the maintainer of the international order○…★■. The relevant report of the Japanese Defense Provincial Wishelin is commented on the modernization of the Chinese army and the relationship between China. It is not responsible for his remarks◇▽, and it is also unfair△◆☆. This year is the 40th anniversary of the Sino-Japanese Peaceful Friendship Treaty, we greet.

Original title: An important call after Liu Hechang▷■•▼, March 24th…-★, March 24th, Central Political Bureau, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, Director of the Sino-US Department of China, China and the United States□…◁▲, China and the United States, China, Liu He Shi Ying and the US Finance Minister Mnukin. Mnoch went to China to the Chinese announcement of the latest situation of the 301 investigation report. Liu He said that the US recently announced 301 investigation reports, violating international trade rules, which is not conducive to the interests of China△◆●, which is not conducive to the US interests, which is not conducive to global interests▼▽. China has been prepared…□□, and has the strength to defend national interests, hoping that both parties will maintain rationality, joint efforts•□◆•, and maintain the overall stable overall situation of China and the United States economic and trade relations. Both parties agree to continue to communicate with this. Source: Xinhua News Agency Related Read★◆: China – US trade friction intensifies Trump officially signed for China Tra.

Original title: Civil Affairs: Southern strong convective weather caused 12 people to die Xinjing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) According to the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, strong convective weather since the night of March 3, has caused Jiangxi–◆▼, Hubei●▷, Hunan, Guangxi 4 The province (autonomous region) has been affected by 313 million people, 12 people die, and directly economic losses are 390 million yuan. According to the news★▽, since the night of March 3▪□◁◁, Jiangxi★•, Hubei○●★△, Hunan, Guangxi and other places have begun to develop, and thunderstorm weather in some areas is accompanied by hail. There are 8-10 thunderstorms in the north of Guangxi, and the Hubei Shennongjia has reduced heavy rain (100-116 mm)▲•, and the maximum hour is 30-50 mm•■★. On the afternoon of March 4, Jiangxi has a wide range of strong and strong weather□△=, there are 56 counties (cities) with a gust of 8 or above, Laoshan Ci■▼△▽.

Original title: [Hot] Beijing property market, a heavy punch…▼▷: this type of listing is reduced by 90%, the price is 3% ◆…..•▼. Beijing commercial and restricted purchase first anniversary◆△…○: ​​the transaction fell 90% price fell more than 30% of the above March Beijing Just When publishing a commercial office project regulating policy, the industry is expected: such a regulatory policy will bring a double-double fly that the business and residential market transaction and the transaction price△○★…. Nowadays, at the time of the past anniversary-=▲◁, Beijings commercial and residential market has more than 30% of the decline, and the volume drop is more than 90%◆△. Beijing Yizhuangs Lincoln Park was a very active real estate in Beijing commercial housing. This project is within close proximity of subway●…, mature, beautiful environment, is the most active commercial and residential project in Yizhuang region◆☆. However, under the regulation of 3.26 policies, the residential ro?