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[t-shirts made of recycled plastic]Original title: National Peoples Congress Legal Committee intends to renamed the National Peoples Congress Constitution and Legal Committee China News March 5 (Reporter Zhang Yanling) Today, at the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Consideration of the Constitutional Amendments to the Peoples Republic of China (Draft)=○○, Wang Chen, deputy chairman and secretary-general of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, said that on February 28th○☆■, the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee According to the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan•▪□△”, the ◇▲”National Peoples Congress Legal Committee” is renamed ■▽▼”National Peoples Congress Constitution and Law Committee”. Wang Chen said that the above adjustment involves the regulations of the National Legal Committee in Article 70 of the Constitution. According to the Party Central Committee, this issue is reviewed in this meeting (draf.

Original title: The deputy director of Shaanxi Huayin Yidong Village Committee was arrested☆△▪: the unity personnel besieged the police judge to play the villagers in Shaanxi Weinan Huayin City□▽, a deputy director of the 53-year-old female village committee•▲□, hit the ▲△○”wister” of the villagers, in In January 2016▲•, he picked up the police police police. In April 2016, more than 20 people were intercepted, and the judges of the siege of the case were collected. In August last year, many people beat the villagers due to debt disputes. On March 16th, 5 vice director and other personnel involved in this female village were arrested. The deputy director of the female village gathered successively on March 23, and the Huayin City Public Security Bureau conducted a notification of the bureau to carry out the special struggle for disregard. The Hua Shangxin reporter learned that in the special struggle, the Bureau handled 10 people to find trouble and hind the official case. O•◇▲■.

Original title: Offline physical stores can be returned without reason…▪! Suning Gome=▼, etc., the first promise. March 15★●, on March 15, at the International Consumer Rights Protection Day event, China Consumer Association launched the initiative to promote the unsubstration of the goods without reason to return the commitment to practice▼☆▪-, open the wire in the country The physical store has no reason to return the promise of the promise. At the event site, Suning Tesco, Gome, Wal-Mart□☆, convenient bees▽★◆■, a pavilion, Japanese◇••, Lisheng, Jingdong Mall and other enterprises first respond to the promise. Article 25 of the Peoples Republic of China Consumers Rights and Interests Protection Law•…◇, clearly stipulates that there is no reason to return system for remote shopping on the Internet, but the underlying commodity store has not yet returned the law. No reason to return helpful to achieve rights such as consumers, select rights▲•=△, fair trading rights◁□=, et where is a good place to buy leggings pants banner – activewearusa, roller manufacturer red white and blue varsity jacket!

Original title: Chen Min is a deputy mayor of Meizhou City-◇■, Guangdong Province■●★△, and the Director of Meizhou Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee◇-•, Director Tan Jun (right) issued a letter of appointment of Meizhou City, Mayor Chen Min (left). On the morning of April 3•■•△, the Standing Committee of the Seventh National Peoples Congress of Meizhou City held the thirteenth meeting. The meeting decided to accept Fangli Xu resigned as a request for Mayor of Meizhou Municipal Peoples Government and reported to the Municipal Peoples Congress filed. The conference vote passed Chen Min as a deputy mayor of the Meizhou Municipal Peoples Government, and decided to Chen Mins deputy mayor of the Mayor of Meizhou Municipal Peoples Government■▽. Chen Minqi Chen Min, male, Han nationality, born in December 1965, Jiangsu Wuxi=•■, doctoral degree, Ph.D.◇★□…, participated in July 1991, joined the Chinese Communist Party in April 1985•-★■, is currently the deputy secretary of Meizhou Municipal Committee☆▼▽▽, Municipal Government vice-may.